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Car Accident

Driving Through Intersections

Safety Tips for Driving Through Intersections

Twenty percent of car accident fatalities and approximately fifty percent of serious injuries from car accidents occur in intersections. If you are driving into an intersection, it is important to know some safety tips to avoid an automobile collision.

To avoid a car accident while entering an intersection, take the following precautions:

  1. Leaving yourself plenty of time to stop before entering an intersection in case the light changes color.
  2. Not entering the intersection until you look in all directions to make sure it's safe to enter.
  3. Expect the unexpected, such as someone trying to beat the light changing.

It is important to know that a yellow light does allow you to enter the intersection. Its purpose is to allow traffic already in the intersection to clear out.

Check out Driver's Ed Guru for more helpful information on how to stay safe at intersections.

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