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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Here are some things to remember when organizing or participating in a group motorcycle ride.
  • Be Organized - Pick a place to meet up before the ride. You'll be able to decide where your stops will be, which routes to take, and you can exchange cell phone numbers.
  • Be Smart - Just because you're with a group, doesn't mean you should change the way you make safe decisions. Never ride faster than what makes you comfortable and never sacrifice your personal safety.
  • Always Communicate - Make sure everyone knows the proper hand signals.
  • Trust Experience - Seasoned riders should always be in the front and back of the group. Put novice riders near the experienced ones, so that the pace can be adjusted to where everyone is comfortable.
  • Leave Room - Make sure that there's at least a 2-second cushion in front and behind you at all times. To keep your group tighter, consider staggering your formation.
  • Always Adapt - If you find that visibility decreases or you are heading into a series of tight curves, drop back to a single file formation. This allows everyone the space cushion they need.
  • Buddy System - If you have a large group of riders, consider splitting into smaller packs of 5 to 7 motorcycles. It will be easier to keep everyone on track and make sure that no one is left behind.

Helpful Hand Signals

Communication is key when you're riding with a big group. Here are some hand signals, as well as other great information, you can share with your group. This way, everyone will know exactly how to communicate with each other.

Print them out and pass them around at your next motorcycle meet-up. We want you to stay safe when you're out cruising - whether you're with a group or riding alone - and these hand signals can help.

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