What Steps Should You Take after a Car Crash?

In a matter of seconds, a car accident can drastically change the course of your life. Crashes are unpredictable, and they often leave victims with expensive medical bills. Some cannot return to work, and as a result, they face potential debt. This is where an accident lawyer may be able to help.

As Monash University explains, an accident can put your body through exorbitant trauma. Your body is soft, and a collision creates forces that you are not equipped to handle. Even a minor accident can cause serious injuries, and this can have severe financial implications for you and your family.

If you were in a collision with a negligent driver, then a Greenwood accident lawyer from Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. can determine if you have valid grounds for a claim. We will gather evidence, talk with witnesses, handle settlement negotiations and, if necessary, litigate your case if it goes to trial. Call us today at (601) 869-0696 to schedule a consultation.

In the meantime, read on to learn how to respond to a car accident in Mississippi:

Immediately After the Car Accident

According to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, immediately after a crash, it is important not to move the vehicles unless you, other victims or road users are in danger.

When you are in a safe location, contact the police and emergency responders to request assistance. Your top priority should be seeking medical attention - even if you do not notice immediate symptoms.

The police will create a report that contains crucial details about the collision. This may help support your accident claim by proving the other party is responsible and tying your injury to the incident.

Do not move or assist any of the injured people if you do not have medical experience. You may cause more harm to them. The best approach to take is to cover them with a warm blanket and wait for help to arrive.

Gather Witness Details & Evidence from the Scene

While emergency services are on the way, talk to witnesses at the scene. Make an effort to get their contact details including names, email address, and phone numbers. Ask if they would be willing to testify.

Make sure you get contact details from the other drivers, as well. Write down their insurance information, as well as their car registration and license numbers. If possible, take a photograph of their documents to ensure you record the details accurately.

Then, take pictures of the scene, including the damage to vehicles. Be sure to capture shots of any injuries. After you have completed these steps and undergone a medical evaluation, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your options.

If you were in an accident in Mississippi, then call a Mississippi accident attorney from Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. We can investigate your crash and determine if you may have valid grounds for a lawsuit. To schedule a consultation, call us today at (601) 869-0696.


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