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Using Social Media During a Personal Injury Case

Using social media on phone Social media has become unavoidable in our everyday lives, as it has quickly become one of the most available and instant ways we express ourselves. Whether you are posting pictures of your vacation on Facebook, or describing your opinion of a movie on Twitter, we are incredibly used to pouring our hearts out online. Most of the time, this is harmless--however, when it comes to any legal matters you are involved in, social media can quickly become an issue.

Consider the following tips regarding social media when you are in the midst of a personal injury case:

  • Privacy is essential--do not document any injuries, pictures, or status updates regarding your injury. This can and will be used against you in the future.

  • Make sure any distasteful photos are taken down, untagged, or set to private.

  • Turn off GPS so you are less easily tracked.

  • Do not respond to messages or friend requests from strangers, as these may be the opposition attempting to see your profile with more detail.

  • Beware of emails asking for your personal information.

Overall, it is best you put your social media accounts on hold altogether, until your case is successfully resolved. Otherwise, everything you say or post will be gathered as evidence to be used against you.

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