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Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Dangerous?

Motorcycles are one of the most exciting forms of transportation, as they offer a unique sense of freedom on the open road. For motorcycle enthusiasts, there is nothing more thrilling than hitting the pavement and enjoying the feeling of speeding away on a bike. Unfortunately, however, motorcycles also offer a number of disadvantages due to their inherently dangerous nature. They are one of the most hazardous methods of transportation, creating a serious risk riders.

One of the primary reasons why motorcycle accidents are so incredibly dangerous is because they offer a drastically reduced amount of protection when compared to a regular vehicle. Though motorcyclists are legally expected to wear helmets, sometimes helmets cannot protect even the safest of riders in the event of an accident.

Another reason for motorcycle accidents is due to their lack of visibility. Other drivers are expected to share the road, though this isn’t always the case. Because motorcycles are smaller, faster, and less visible, many drivers fail to look for motorcyclists when making a turn or changing lanes.

Due to the exposed nature of motorcycles, riders do not have the same comfortable sense of safety as one would when they are in a vehicle. Without a dashboard, seat belt, metal frame, or other forms of protection, motorcyclists are left defenseless to the elements, possibly resulting in severe injuries and even fatalities.

The following are some of the most common motorcycle injuries, including but not limited to:

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