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Attorney Richard Schwartz Opens New Office in Tupelo

Founding Attorney Richard Schwartz is excited to announce a brand new office in Tupelo, popularly known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Previously, Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. boasted six offices across Mississippi—in Columbus, Greenville, Greenwood, Hattiesburg, Jackson, and Meridian. A heavy case load from clients in North Mississippi has now led to the opening of the Tupelo branch, located on East Main Street.

Richard Schwartz and Patrick Wooten joined WCBI News to discuss the new location.

“We’ve been helping people in Northeast Mississippi for a long long time, but we want to get more involved in the community. We want to help the community to grow”, said Schwartz. “I want Mississippi to thrive. I want Mississippi to be the number one state in the nation.”

The office in Tupelo is more convenient for clients, since it is in a prime spot.

“Anytime you can be across the street from Elvis you’re in a great location. I love that statue of Elvis. We know the history and tradition of Northeast Mississippi. I’ve been in Mississippi all my life, born and raised here, and so I love Mississippi. I want to make Mississippi number one. I know I can do that by helping people,” Schwartz said.

The Tupelo office is located at:

337 E Main St Suite B
Tupelo, MS 38804

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