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Can People Recover Financially from Accidents Caused by Damaged Roads?

One minute you’re driving down the road, the next, your car is in a ditch due to an unforeseen problem with the street. Once you get your bearings, you walk to the spot that caused your accident and find a pothole. This single spot on the road just cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, and you are sure that your arm is broken, which means a hospital visit resulting in more costs. This situation seems grim, but Richard Schwartz & Associates is here to tell you that there is a viable option for recovery.

Holding the Responsible Party Accountable

Every day, millions of Americans use public roads to travel from one region to another. In fact, the average American travels 29 miles a day for a total of 10,658 miles a year. For all of these miles, it only takes is a two-foot wide pothole to derail your travel plans and your health. Unfortunately for our residents, the government funded infrastructure report card states that 28% of all public roads in Mississippi are considered “poor condition.” When totaled, the state has 21,000 miles of poorly maintained roads: lengths that cause hundreds of deaths, as our back roads have the fourth highest fatality rates of all rural roadway in the United States.

Here are some of the features of a poorly maintained Mississippi road:

  • Severe cracks which can lead to potholes
  • Minor potholes that may or may not damage cars
  • Traffic lines that are not clearly distinguished

These hazards, mixed with poor lighting, can lead to severe accidents. However, drivers shouldn’t be held responsible for crashes caused by the negligence of city and state authorities.

Fighting for the Rights of Drivers

We believe accidents caused by the negligence of state authorities shouldn’t fall on the heads of the public. If you are injured due to a road condition, reach out to Richard Schwartz & Associates for a free consultation. We offer contingency-free representation, which means you only pay if your case is compensated!