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5 Signs of Drunk Driving to Look Out For

Sep 25, 2019
By: Richard Schwartz & Associates

Even with initiatives and public awareness programs aimed at preventing drunk driving, there are still individuals who get behind the wheel after having alcoholic drinks. Police officers know all too well the signs of drunk driving to look out for. A majority of individuals who are suspected of DUIs are initially pulled over by the police due to some tell-tale signs of drunk driving.

While you can’t usually stop a random individual from drinking and driving, there are some things that you can do and look out for in order to stay safe on the road. Here, we discuss five signs of drunk driving to keep your eye on.


This behavior is one of the easiest to spot, both for police officers and other drivers on the road. Alcohol makes it difficult for drivers to concentrate on what they have to do. Alcohol also weakens eye muscle function, which can hinder a driver’s ability to see lane markers and other road marks.

Excessive Braking

Some drivers who are under the influence overcompensate by driving too slowly or braking excessively to avoid going over the speed limit. However, driving too slow is also a hazard – and could be a sign that the driver is under the influence.

Straddling the Center Lane

To avoid swerving, some alcohol-impaired drivers will “hug” the center lane to appear less conspicuous to law enforcement officers and other drivers.

Persistent Tailgating

Vision is impacted for alcohol-impaired drivers, meaning they may have trouble seeing lane dividers and focusing on what is in front of them. Drivers then may attempt to closely follow the car in front of them, even if there are other empty lanes. This can be dangerous, as impaired drivers have slower reflexes and may not be able to brake suddenly if road conditions change.

Breaking Traffic Laws

Difficulty comprehending road situations, hindered vision, and slower reflexes mean that impaired drivers have difficulty following road signs and reacting how one needs to when behind the wheel. Running through red lights is not an uncommon way for drunk driving accidents to occur, in addition to improper signaling, driving on the wrong side of the road, or driving under the speed limit.

While none of these signs can actually prove that a driver is under the influence, it’s better to keep your distance from any drivers who are portraying these signs, as they are still dangerous driving behaviors.

Unfortunately, even the most vigilant drivers can fall victim to drunk driving accidents at the hands of others. If you or a loved one is injured by an intoxicated driver, turn to the Mississippi personal injury attorneys at Richard Schwartz & Associates Injury Lawyer. We will work to determine whether drunk driving played a role in your accident and fight to help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

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