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How to Avoid Trucking Accidents

Nov 2, 2017
By: Richard Schwartz & Associates

Trucks are inherently more dangerous than cars in a crash. The sheer size and average weight, which is roughly 80,000 pounds, makes semi-trucks exceedingly damaging on the road. Trucking accidents can involve a flipped truck, dangerous spills, jackknifing trailers, rear-ending accidents, and many other serious incidents. Regardless of the circumstances, these types of crashes are best avoided if at all possible.

To help improve your likelihood of avoiding a truck crash, follow these tips:

Avoid Blind Spots

Like all large vehicles, trucks have more blind spots that prevent the driver from complete visibility at the sides and rear of the vehicle. To better protect yourself from a trucking accident, it is important to know where these blind spots are located so that you can do your best to avoid them.

Anticipate Turns

Always be aware of the vehicles around you and what they are doing, especially if that vehicle is a semi-truck. When trucks and other large vehicles turn, they require more space and time than other vehicles. Be aware of the room these big vehicles require and give them space ahead, behind, and to the side. Never attempt to pass a truck when they are turning. They usually swing wide and use multiple lanes to turn, so stay back a safe distance until the truck straightens out.

Let Truck Drivers Merge

Many drivers either try to avoid letting a big rig into their lane or refuse to let the truck over altogether. However, this can be extremely dangerous for you and the trucker if you avoid letting the truck driver change lanes when necessary. There are many blind spots in large trucks, so while you speed ahead to avoid letting the truck into your lane, it is very likely that you will enter a blind spot at some point. In such situations, it is possible the truck could accidentally collide with the side of your vehicle or even run you off the road. Instead of risking a potential crash, simply let the truck merge when you see a turn signal.

Keep Your Distance

Trucks are not able to slow down or stop as quickly as smaller vehicles, which is why it is important to always give these larger vehicles a wide berth. If you are following a truck closely, it limits your visibility and could put you in danger. When driving in front of a truck, or merging into a trucker’s lane, it is especially important to leave plenty of space between your vehicles.

Be Cautious in Extreme Weather

While all vehicles can be much less stable in bad weather, trucks can be especially dangerous. High winds may throw tall trailers off balance, sometimes causing the vehicle to swerve or, in extreme cases, the truck may tip sideways. Icy roads can have a similar effect, causing even the most experienced drivers to lose control of their vehicles, possibly preventing them from breaking or causing a jackknife accident. Even heavy rain or snow could limit a truck driver’s visibility and lead to a deadly crash.

Follow Traffic Laws

If you do your part to keep the roads safe, it can increase your chances of avoiding an accident exponentially. Always use appropriate signals when turning or changing lanes so that truckers and other drivers can anticipate your moves and prepare to slow down if necessary. Avoid speeding or driving recklessly, as it can easily lead to a high-speed crash, or, if you drive recklessly and dangerously near a semi-truck, the driver may not be able to move the vehicle in time to avoid a collision.

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