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Getting into a wreck is a daily risk we have to take. Most people need a car crash lawyer when they find themselves in an auto crash. With so many different causes of these collisions, its important to have someone who can handle all types of auto wrecks. We have someone who can take on those complications. Automobile wrecks are no match for a law professional from our office.


Do I Need Help for My Car Crash?

Some people might actually think that legal help is not worth hiring to deal with their collision. They think they can handle the case themselves, which is not entirely impossible. HOWEVER, when people try to take action themselves, without a law assistance, they end up highly disappointed.

Car accident lawsuits can be very confusing to someone who is not an experienced attorney. The complexity that certain cases come with can be frustrating. You’ll want a lawyer to handle the mess, along with getting you the maximum compensation. If you have been harmed in an automobile wreck, there are certain questions you can ask your potential law counsel to gain confidence in them.

  • What will this cost me?
  • What documents should I save?
  • What if being blamed for this vehicle wreck?
  • What if insurance denies my claims?
  • What could possibly be used against me?
  • What else do you think I should be aware of?

As you might or might not already know, there’s a statute of limitations on auto crash claims – don’t let yours pass! Contact us right away!

Our Traffic Lawyers Know the Law

Jackson Auto Injury LawyerA representative from our office is waiting to assist you even further. We know the law, and when it comes to auto accidents, we know what’s best for you. Contact us immediately to find the traffic injury attorney that’s right for you. We can help you seek everything you’re entitled to, and want to make sure you receive the full compensation that you’re owed – not what the insurance company THINKS you deserve. Our services will protect you from unfair insurance settlements. We care. That’s what makes us different from other vehicle accident law firms. Contact us at 1-888-998-9589.


Auto Accident Attorneys – What You Should Know

A Bit of Advice From Our Attorney

When you end up in a car accident, use these simple steps.

  • Stop the vehicle. After an auto wreck, people often jump out of their car, neglecting to power it off. This can lead to further damages or injuries.
  • Stay calm and call 911. You’re hurt, but you’re okay. Don’t panic. If you are able to, then call 911. If this is already been done, remain calm until help arrives.
  • Check for intoxication. Do not be ashamed to look for signs of intoxication within the other driver, such as slurred speech, unusual odors, or bloodshot eyes.
  • Never admit fault to anyone. It’s up to authorities to decide who is in the wrong, so don’t detriment yourself by accepting fault, even if the other driver blames you.
  • Exchange info. Be prepared to provide your insurance information, along with a bit of personal info such as your name and phone number.
  • Notate injuries. Never brush off or ignore any pain after a wreck, even if you only see a simple scratch or nothing at all. Seek help for any and all injuries!
  • Take photos. Photograph your vehicle damages, as well as any possible spots of injuries on your body. Continue taking photos as these injuries progress.
  • Get a copy of the police report. When you contact an attorney, the police report will be one of the first documents they will ask you for. It often states who might be at fault for the wreck.
  • Save all documentation. It is especially important to save medical records in addition to all other documents that pertain to your case.
  • Contact someone from our office. We have a someone who can take care of you and your auto wreck case.


Facts About Drunk Driving

Everyone knows that the results of a drunk driving collision can be not only scary – they can be fatal.  Due to the fact that people continue to take part in this action every single day, it seems that there must be a lot left to learn. Someone from our office is completely skilled in the history and statistics of many types of crashes.  We would love to share this with the world, in hopes that it might prevent even one person from deciding to drink and drive. Please take a moment to review these facts and keep them in mind next time you are faced with this life-changing choice.


  • Adult males are twice as likely to drink and drive than  a female.
  • Over 200 children are killed in these wrecks each year, often while riding with the drunken person.
  • Almost 30 people die every day from these crashes.
  • The average drunken driver has done so 80 times before getting caught!

Our firm would like to take this brief moment to remind the public NEVER to drink and drive. If your ability is even the slightest bit questionable, please choose wisely against getting behind the wheel. It is clear to us, as it should be to you, that this is never a good decision. We thank you for your time.

Car Accident Deaths

Jackson wrongful death car accident lawyerThe unfortunate truth is, many people never make it back from their auto crash. In fact, more than 33,500 victims lost their lives in vehicle accidents last year.  Their lives ended – however, the bills and pain from their death simply does not end. The grief continues to pile high. If your loved one was lost in a car crash, contact a Jackson car accident lawyer from the law office of Richard Schwartz & Associates to see about pursuing a wrongful death case.  Your attorney is waiting to hear from you, and help you find closure.