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One Call That's All Logo Chancery courts are legal venues that serve to function in ways common law courts do not. Specifically, they are courts of equity. This means that rather than applying statutory laws when deciding matters, chancery courts issue decisions on rules of fairness. In many states, chancery court functions have merged into the activities of traditional courts. In Mississippi, however, Chancery Courts still exist.

Our legal team at Richard Schwartz & Associates Injury Lawyers, P.A. represents clients who have matters before Chancery Courts in Hinds County and other counties across the state. We understand the procedures involved in these proceedings, and provide the personalized service and guidance clients need to effectively navigate the process and secure the best possible resolution.

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Mississippi Chancery Courts

Mississippi Chancery Courts do not hear all types of legal matters. These Chancery Court districts have jurisdiction over two primary legal areas:

  • Disputes in matters of equity – The primary function of Mississippi Chancery Courts is to resolve disputes in issues of equity. These commonly include family law matters such as divorce, child custody, guardianship, adoption, sanity hearings, wills, and challenges to the constitutionality of Mississippi state laws. Chancery courts also handle matters involving land records.
  • Juvenile matters – Chancery courts hold jurisdiction in juvenile cases in counties where there is not a county court. Chancery court judges typically appoint private attorneys to assist juveniles and function as court referees. Common matters handled in these proceedings include delinquency, neglect, and abuse.

There are 20 Chancery Courts in Mississippi, with one to four chancery judges per district and 52 chancery court judges total. Chancery court judges, also known as chancellors, typically hear cases and trials without a jury. However, parties who bring cases before a Chancery Court have the right to request a jury in certain types of cases, such as those involving property division or the contesting of a will.

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