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Richard Schwartz Sponsors Back To School Drive with Salvation Army of Jackson

kids with backpacksRichard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. is proud to announce we are sponsoring the Salvation Army of Jackson’s Back to School Supply Drive, in an effort to provide school supplies to children of the Jackson metro area. In conjunction with other local businesses, we will be giving out school supplies at the Jackson Convention Center on July 22nd. Giving back has always been an integral part of our firm’s culture, which is why we are so honored to sponsor an event geared specifically for children in need for the upcoming school year.

If you or anyone you know has school supplies to donate and wishes to participate in this event, you are welcome to drop any school supplies or other useful items off at our downtown Jackson office, which is located at 162 E. Amite Street. We encourage you to help us give back to the deserving children of our community, and we at Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. feel it is essential we encourage education as much as we can by providing the necessary tools for success.

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Check out the interview with Richard Schwartz by a local TV station on this event here.

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