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How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Fight Insurance Companies

Personal injury claims may be filed against individuals or businesses that cause victims preventable injuries, but those claims are often handled by insurance companies. Because insurance companies representing policyholders are corporations driven by financial interests, they put profits over people, and do all they can to pay as little as possible. That’s why the attorney you choose to fight them during your personal injury case is one of the most important decisions you can make.

At Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A., our Mississippi personal injury lawyers have dedicated their professional careers to fighting on behalf of the injured and the wronged, and to helping our clients level the playing field with powerful insurance providers who want nothing more than to pay them less. Because insurance companies tap into large sums and money, databases, and legal teams to defend against claims, you need advocates on your side who can protect your rights and interests, represent you to the fullest extent, and help you fight back.

Our firm levels the playing field with insurance companies by:

  • Leveraging decades of combined experience
  • Using extensive resources to build strong cases (i.e. working with expert witnesses and medical experts, conducting investigations, etc.)
  • Having a reputation as attorneys with a record of success
  • Preparing each case as if it were going to trial

Because insurance companies know when lawyers have the experience and resources to win, it benefits victims to work with legal representatives who have a proven reputation and record of success. Insurance companies know our firm has built a reputation for aggressively protecting the rights of our clients, preparing cases as if they were going to trial, and fighting to win – which gives us leverage in negotiating resolutions that provide our clients with the full amount of compensation they deserve. Even when insurance companies are unwilling to make fair settlement offers, they know we aren’t afraid to go to trial. Clients who choose us won’t get outmatched simply because insurance companies outspend them or take advantage of them.

Learn how our legal team at Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. can help you fight back against insurance companies and pursue the compensation you deserve! Contact us for a free consultation.