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How Liability Impacts Car Accident Outcomes

Aug 2, 2018
By: Richard Schwartz & Associates

Regardless of where, who, or what happens during a car accident, when the dust has settled, someone will be found at fault. Fault and liability are more than a designation of responsibility in an accident; it is also the means by which someone can financially recover after the fact. Therefore, the determination of liability has a significant impact on every car accident case.

Whose Insurance Is Paying for the Accident?

In an accident between two insured drivers, the determination of liability will force the liable party’s insurance to cover some or all of the accident depending on the liable driver’s coverage. While insurance companies will fit the bill for accident costs, the person who caused the accident is likely to have to pay for the accident through a deductible and increased insurance premiums after the accident. Therefore, liability impacts car accident outcomes through insurance company payments.

Who Has the Right to Sue After the Accident?

After an accident, many people pursue traffic accident lawsuits against the liable party. Therefore, the determination of liability will allow the victim of the accident to sue the negligent and liable party. Similar to payment for the actual accident, if the negligent party is found liable for the accident, his or her insurance company will have to fit the bill, but he or she will have to pay for various court costs and other expenditures.

How Much Can Someone Recover After an Accident?

The determination of liability in a car accident has a direct impact on the amount that someone will recover. In fact, in Mississippi car accident fault is comparative, which means the fault is determined based on the accident scenario. If someone is determined to be more at fault, his or her payment to the injured party will increase. Therefore, liability plays a direct role in the determination of the recovery amount in a personal injury case.

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