What to Do If You Are Involved in an Accident with an 18-Wheeler

Due to their size and weight, 18-wheelers can cleave a path of destruction, leaving serious physical injuries and property damage in their wake. In the vast majority of these accidents, people in passenger vehicles suffer the worst injuries. This is why commercial vehicle drivers must undergo specialized training before they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, they still make mistakes, and a moment's lapse in attention can lead to a devastating crash. If you were the victim of a CMV driver's negligence in Mississippi, then a Jackson personal-injury attorney from Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. may be able to help. Call us today at (601) 869-0696 to schedule a consultation. Even when CMV drivers do not behave negligently, an accident may still occur due to a vehicle malfunction. Tires can blow out, bolts may become loose and cargo can sometimes fall off a vehicle. This is why a lawsuit that stems from such an accident may involve several defendants, including the truck owner, the driver or a maintenance company. Fortunately, most semi-trucks are equipped with a black box that records what the driver does before, during and after a crash. A Jackson personal-injury lawyer may be able to use that record as evidence to prove liability and help you recover compensation.

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