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The happy town of TUPELO is where Elvis Presley was born and now holds Buffalo Park in its city limits.  Its population is over 34,000, so as one can imagine, many incidents of damage happen here. If you have been injured here, call (662) 205-0410.We are knowledgeable in a variety of cases that involve bodily damages, such as vehicle, car, and truck accident. Other areas of practice include social security, drug recalls, and any other personal injury claim you may have. You will get a free consultation and in almost every case we can send out an investigator to your home THE SAME DAY. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to assisting you very soon.

Our  lawyer will examine all the details in your case so you can fully understand all of your options. You can choose any attorney out there, but we are the experts to have for various cases from dog bites to wrongful death. Having good communication throughout our client’s personal injury claims is key, and our experienced  team will do everything they can to get you the money you deserve. A lawyer knows these situations can be difficult to handle as well as confusing, so they have promised to work hard to make you aware of your claim and all of the legal decisions you must make.


Our team is trained to handle these claim types and many many more:

  • Auto Accidents:  Dealing with car accidents and truck accidents can be difficult, even if you aren’t physically injured. This is why you need a  car accident lawyer by your side who can find the individual responsible and get your medical expenses and other losses reimbursed.


  • Medical Malpractice:   The final outcome of being give an unreasonable standard of care by a health care provider can be fatal. If you were misdiagnosed, suffered from medical malpractice or injured due to surgical negligence, then call a lawyer from our firm so they can get this settled!


  • Premises Liability: Unmaintained property can be extremely dangerous, and a personal injury lawyer is here to assist you if you have been injured. They incredibly experienced in premises liability law and will be able to handle your case with ease.


  • Products Liability: Products that have been not properly designed and manufactured can be hazardous. If you have been injured by a defective product then call an experienced Tupelo accident lawyer who can look at your case and can find the person responsible for your damages.


  • Wrongful Death: Being aware that a love one’s death could have been prevented or that it was due to a deliberate act can be the most devastating times you can experience. Let the Tupelo attorney team take care of and your wrongful death case as well as make sure the person responsible is held accountable for the loss of your loved one.


Get a Personal Injury Lawyer for Wrecks

Tupelo Personal Injury LawyerAccidents always happen unexpectedly, but no matter if you have been injured in a car accident, by a defective product or due to an accident by the negligence of someone, find out what to do next is often difficult. The Tupelo attorney team at Richard Schwartz & Associates can take your case and help you become relieved from all of the stress.

Accidents aren’t something people want to experience. No matter if you where you may be driving, being in a car accident can sometimes be inevitable in many people’s lives.

No matter if you were involved in a fender bender or any other kind of auto accident, you need a trustworthy expert who can guide you through the filing of an insurance and medical claim, and resolving other issues that might pop up with your case. The attorney team at Richard Schwartz & Associates are experts in many types of car wrecks and will work hard to get you the money you are owed.

You may have many questions after an accident, and our staff is ready to answer them all so your life can be relieved from the stress caused after an accident. Insurance and medical paperwork contributes to the confusion, especially if you try to do everything by yourself. No matter if you’re a student already stressed with school or an adult trying to juggle many things at work and in your personal life, an expert attorney can help relieve you from having to communicate with your insurance company by filing out a personal injury claim for you.

Call Richard Schwartz & Associates if you need an attorney today. Our attorney team is ready to help you as soon as you call. They have handled thousands of cases with success and will do the same for you.


Tupelo Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Need a Lawyer?

Errors made by a doctor or nurse can result in serious consequences. Medical malpractice has become a huge problem across the US, and it can result in serious harm or even death. If you have been injured from a surgery mistake, were misdiagnosed, were given an incorrect dosage of medication or anesthesia or found inadequate monitoring of your health, then you may be able to file a personal injury claim.

Someone from our friendly staff can examine your case carefully and determine if there was negligence from your doctor or nurse. They understand how stressful these moments can be, especially when you have additional medical expenses you are expected to pay yourself, and this is why any attorney from our firm can promise to work hard and get you everything you need so you can stay informed throughout the progression of your case.

Tupelo Wrongful Death Lawyer

Someone Was at Fault

After a loved one dies from a deliberate act or an avoidable accident, life can be extremely difficult. Our staff knows how to properly investigate you case and give you the support you need during the hard times.

Working hard to resolve your case quickly and helping you make the right legal decisions are what our personal injury lawyers do best. They want to hold those responsible accountable for their actions as well as get you the fair compensation you deserve.


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