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Richard Schwartz has over 25 years of personal injury law experience in the state that this city is located in, and we have a lawyer that wants to help you with your accident.  A Columbus personal injury lawyer from our trusted company can handle accidents that happen all over the state, including the Columbus, Starkville, and Westpoint areas.

There are certain factors that should always be looked into when dealing with a personal injury case. Your lawyer will follow procedures that include forensic testing, thorough interviews, scene staging, obtaining material evidence and carefully reviewing any available photos, videos, or logs that might pertain to your case. An attorney will do what it takes to make your story heard across the courtroom and stand up against anyone who attempts to downplay your damages.

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Our Personal Injury Firm is Proud to Serve Columbus, MS

An attorney from our firm understands that the laws surrounding all the legal cases we handle are complicated, and hard to understand. Our staff members, along with your new lawyer, will break down your case for you step by step, and keep you connected at every turn.

Every lawyer at this law office is dedicated to making sure our clients get properly compensated after they have suffered personal injuries. People of this city, along with Starkville, and Westpoint: don’t hesitate to give an attorney a call if you were involved in a serious accident of any nature. Let an attorney help you today.

The Women’s College and the Tennessee Williams House are what Columbus is known for. Its population is over 23,000 and it happens to be the 16th most popular city in the state. Many incidents of personal injury occur in this area. From fatal car wrecks alone, three people perish every year in this town.  If you have suffered harm from a mishap in this town, contact a lawyer from your nearby location by using the information provided above. Notable practice areas of a lawyer from our firm include wrecks, social security, drug recalls, catastrophic harm and any other case of personal injuries that you might possibly need a Columbus personal injury lawyer for.Personal injuries always happen unexpectedly, but no matter if you have been injured in a crash, by a defective product, in a slip and fall or due to any other accident by the negligence of someone, finding out what to do next is often difficult. The Columbus attorney team at Richard Schwartz & Associates can take your case and help you become relieved from all of the stress of filing, following up and being hassled. What happened to you should not be taken lightly – get a Columbus personal injury lawyer that knows how to take action.

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