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Motorcycle riders are the most vulnerable motorists on our road. While they may have all the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of passenger vehicles, they simply don’t have the same protection. Because of this, motorcyclists face substantially increased risks of being hurt when they are involved in wrecks. Their injuries are often catastrophic, or even fatal.

Because motorcycle accidents have such an overwhelming potential for devastating results, injured riders and their families depend on full compensation in order to pay their expenses, cover their losses, and secure all damages they incurred as a result of a preventable crash. Personal injury cases are the perfect avenue for seeking recovery of damages after a wreck, but compensation is never automatic nor guaranteed.

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At Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A., our Mississippi motorcycle accident lawyers leverage decades of experience when fighting for injured victims and families across Mississippi. We provide the bold voice our clients need to make their cases heard and to secure the financial compensation they need to cover medical bills, lost wages, and their pain and suffering, among other damages. Our goal in every case is to ease our clients’ burdens by making the process easier and maximizing their recovery.

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Motorcycle Accidents & Victims Rights’

Motorcycles are much smaller than passenger vehicles and are susceptible to being overlooked by negligent motorists. In fact, driver error is the leading cause of motorcycle wrecks, and it can take many forms:

  • Unsafe lane change – Changing lanes should be done only when the coast is clear, which is why drivers should always look at their surroundings, mirrors, and blind spots, and make a signal before changing lanes. A risky lane change without looking can spell disaster for riders.
  • Failure to yield – Motorcycle accidents commonly occur at intersections, especially when drivers of passenger vehicles fail to see riders and fail to yield to their right of way. Failure to yield accidents are common on right turns and with unprotected left turns. In fact, left turn accidents are the most common types of collisions involving motorcycles and cars
  • Distracted driving – Driver distraction is one of the deadliest threats on our roads, especially for motorcyclists who can easily be lost from sight by a driver who chooses texting, using a phone, or other distractions over the primary task of operating a motor vehicle.
  • Drunk driving – Drunk driving is an illegal, negligent, and highly dangerous act, and it can alter the lives of innocent riders. When drunk motorists get behind the wheel, especially at night, they are far more like to overlook and never see a motorcycle rider.

Motorcyclists Frequently Sustain Heavy Damages & Severe Injuries

All drivers who get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle accept a legal duty to operate the vehicle safely and to take reasonable measures that reduce risks of preventable wrecks. When they fail to do so and act negligently, causing a car accident, they can be held liable for the damages they cause victims.

In the case of a motorcycle wreck, this can include hefty medical bills and lost income caused by missing work. Damages may also include the costs of expected future medical care (in serious injury cases), mental anguish, emotional suffering, and even the emotional injuries sustained by the victims’ loved ones.

Don't Trust the Insurance Company. Hire a Lawyer Immediately!

Working with an attorney when exercising your right to compensation can make all the difference in your case. This is especially true when insurance companies work zealously to pay victims as little as possible. Remember, insurance companies are corporations that want to make money. They routinely put profits over people. By working with a proven lawyer, you can level the playing field with these corporate powers and put yourself in a position to secure the financial recovery you need and deserve.

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As the largest personal injury law firm in the state, we are able to utilize resources to ensure our clients’ cases receive the attention and support needed to win. Our attorneys and staff also prioritize client satisfaction and make it our mission to provide the compassionate support they need to navigate difficult times. We also ensure that clients are treated as individuals with real needs, not as numbers. Clients who come to us continually receive assistance and communication throughout their cases.

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