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  • Firm Overview

    We're here to help people. When you hire us, you're part of the family

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  • Why Hire Us?

    Insurance Companies are not always there to help you. We are here to make sure they do the ...

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  • Voted Best Law Firm & Attorney in Jackson, MS

    Richard Schwartz & Associates was voted Best Local Law Firm and Best Local Attorney in the ...

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  • Selecting the Right Law Firm

    Professional legal representation is often paramount to winning a case in court. Many who ...

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Community Involvement

  • Community Involvment

    At Richard Schwartz and Associates, P.A., we understand the vital importance of giving ...

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  • Coats For Kids

    Many families don't have coats and blankets to stay warm. Richard Schwartz and Associates ...

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  • Sponsoring Batson Children's Hospital

    Richard Schwartz & Associates is proud to sponsor the 16th annual Mississippi Miracles ...

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  • Interview for St. Jude Dream Home 2017

    Richard Schwartz & Associates is proud to sponsor the St. Jude Dream Home. This an ...

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  • Midday Interview with WCBI on Halloween Safety

    Richard Schwartz traveled to Columbus, MS to discuss the importance of his Halloween ...

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  • Midday Interview with WDAM on Halloween Safety

    Richard Schwartz & McGruff the Crime Dog travel to Hattiesburg to discuss their Halloween ...

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  • Overview of the Halloween Safety Campaign

    Attorney Richard Schwartz and McGruff the Crime Dog traveled around the state of ...

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  • Joining Salvation Army Angel Tree Adoption Program

    Richard Schwartz encourages everyone to adopt an angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree ...

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  • The Importance of the Angel Tree Adoption Program

    Richard explains the importance of the Angel Tree Program with the Salvation Army USA. ...

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  • The Salvation Army "Coats for Kids" Campaign

    Richard Schwartz urges everyone in Jackson to donate coats and blankets to those in need ...

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  • "The Attorney" Richard Schwartz Super Bowl Ad 2017

    In case you missed it, we aired a commercial during the SuperBowl titled, The Attorney. ...

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  • Abilify Side Effects?

    Learn what the serious side effects of Abilify are by watching a quick informational comme ...

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  • 2015 Car Wreck Blues Commercial

    Call Richard Schwartz and he'll take away your car wreck blues! (601) 869-0696

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  • Celebrations of Greatness: Tribute to Jerry Rice

    Richard Schwartz & Associates sponsored this event on September 30th. 2016.

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  • "Hurry Now" Commercial

    Hurt in an accident? Hurry now and call Richard Schwartz! (601) 869-0696 . One call, ...

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  • Singing the Car Wreck Blues Commercial

    Do you have the car wreck blues? Call Richard Schwartz today at (601) 869-0696 . One call, ...

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  • "One Call, That's All" Jingle Commercial

    Attorney Richard Schwartz can't play the guitar, but he can help you if you've been in a ...

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  • Country Jingle Commercial

    Call Richard Schwartz if you've been in a car accident at (601) 869-0696 . One call, ...

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Types of Cases

  • Jones Act

    Learn more about the Jones Act and who is affected by these laws

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  • Premises Liability Information

    It's not enough to prove that you were injured on someone else's property; you also must ...

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  • Round Up Lawsuit Information

    Monsanto RoundUp weed killer may be killing more than just your weeds. Continue watching ...

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  • Social Security Disability Information

    There are many people who have been injured who have not been able to obtain the ...

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  • Truck Accidents Information

    A trucking accident is very different than a standard auto accident. Richard Schwartz and ...

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  • Dog Bites Injury Claim Information

    If you were bitten by another person's dog, then you may be entitled to compensation to ...

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  • Workers' Compensation Claim Information

    Learn what you need to know to successfully pursue fair compensation in a Mississippi ...

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  • Should I Sign a Recorded Statement without My Attorney?

    The short answer is "NO" but continue watching to learn why you shouldn't sign a recorded ...

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  • Why Do You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

    An SSD lawyer can guide you through the process of obtaining benefits. One minor oversight ...

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  • What If I Suffer an Injury at Someone Else's Home?

    Nobody expects to suffer a serious injury while visiting another person's home. ...

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  • What Should You Do If You're Involved in a 18-Wheeler Accide ...

    Due to their size and weight, 18-wheelers can cleave a path of destruction, leaving ...

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  • Should You Go to Trial?

    When many people envision a personal injury case, they imagine going to trial and pleading ...

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  • What Should I Do If I Am Involved in an Accident with Livest ...

    Mississippi is a rural state, and as such, it is home to plenty of livestock. This is why ...

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  • What Steps Should You Take After Being in a Car Accident?

    The aftermath of a car or truck accident can be chaotic. You may find it difficult to stay ...

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  • Should You Wait to Settle a Claim?

    If you have been injured, then the at-fault party or an insurance company may have offered ...

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  • What Is Full Coverage Insurance?

    Everyone who drives in the state of Mississippi must have car insurance, but many people ...

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  • How Much Compensation Should You Receive If You've Been Inju ...

    There is no written formula to determine how much compensation claimants should recover ...

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  • What Should You Do If You've Been Injured in an Accident?

    Nobody expects to be in a car accident, but in a matter of seconds, a collision can cause ...

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  • How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get Paid?

    Many people wonder how personal-injury lawyers get paid when they represent clients after ...

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  • How Much Does an Attorney Get Paid for a Workers' Comp Case?

    Many people wonder if an attorney is necessary when pursuing worker's compensation ...

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  • How Can Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Affect My Case?

    Richard Schwartz: Everybody has pre-existing injuries. It's not uncommon to get an x-ray ...

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  • What Steps Should You Take After a Bicycle Accident?

    Richard Schwartz: Riding a bike is lots of fun, but when you ride a bike you also have to ...

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  • What If You Were Hit By A Driver With No Insurance?

    Richard Schwartz: If you're involved in an accident and there is not any insurance on the ...

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