Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Serving Those in Jackson, MS

If you’ve been injured on the job, your employer should file an injury report to worker’s  compensation insurers and these insurers will make a determination about what benefits you deserve.  Unfortunately, sometimes individuals encounter difficulty with their claims. In some instances, individuals face wrongful denials. A workman’s comp lawyer in Jackson, MS can assist individuals facing these challenges.

Employers, with 5 or more employees,  are legally required to have worker’s compensation insurance. If you employer  does not have worker’s compensation insurance and is required by law to have this insurance,  your employer  may be subject to fines, criminal penalties, and your employer  may be legally liable to pay for your medical expenses  and injuries. Under Mississippi law, your employer  will only be required to have worker’s  compensation insurance if you employer  has hired over 5 employees. Yet, what should you do if you work for a small business that has fewer than 5 employees? The good news is that you can still seek compensation for your medical expenses, injuries, and lost wages. However, you won’t be able to utilize Mississippi’s worker’s compensation system if your employer doesn’t have insurance.  Instead, you’ll likely have to sue your employer  in court. Hiring a worker’s compensation personal injury lawyer in Jackson, MS who can assist you through  this process can be beneficial.

Worker’s compensation gives workers  the piece of mind of knowing that if they are injured on the job, they will be protected. This insurance offers many important protections to workers. If you are injured on the job or suffer from an occupational illness, you may be entitled  to receive money for lost wages and have your medical expenses  paid. Families are also protected under worker’s compensation. If a loved one is killed on the job, worker’s compensation can cover lost wages for up to 450 weeks and can cover funeral expenses. These protections offer an important financial and medical lifeline for many families. However, sometimes individuals don’t receive the money they deserve.  A worker’s compensation lawyer in Jackson, MS, may be able to assist. Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A. serves workers  and their families and helps them navigate the claims process, if necessary.

Social Security Disability Lawyer in Jackson,  MS

If you are disabled as a result of injury or illness, Social Security disability may be able to offer you important benefits. Individuals who qualify for Social Security disability often receive monthly payments to help them meet ends and also receive Medicare medical coverage. Certain medical conditions  are covered by Social Security disability. In general, a medical condition that puts you out of work for more than 12 months or results in death, could qualify you for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration publishes an extensive list of qualifying medical conditions. These conditions include cancers, certain cardiovascular conditions,  respiratory system disorders, neurological  disorders, mental disorders, and immune system disorders. Patients  who suffer from these conditions to a degree of severity  that affects their ability to work or function may qualify for Social Security disability. It is important to note that an individual’s diagnosis with a listed disorder doesn’t  automatically guarantee that the Social Security Administration will approve  a claim. Each disorder lists specific losses of function criteria  which must be met in order for a claim to be accepted.  For instance, diagnosis of certain  mental disorders alone is often insufficient evidence for a claim to be approved. Patients  must be able to establish that the disorder restricts daily activities, results  in difficulty for patients  to maintain social functioning, or results in difficulty concentrating. Another example would be cardiovascular conditions.  For instance, chronic heart failure, myocardial ischemia, syncope, or arterial disorders must be supported by appropriate medical evidence. In some cases, the Social Security Administration may ask that you take additional tests or provide specific scans to support your claims. If you are unsure about whether you qualify, you can visit the Social Security Administration’s Website, or speak to a Social Security lawyer in Jackson, MS who can help you apply.

Certain forms of medical documentation are required in order  for a Social Security disability benefits application  to be approved.  Many successful applicants include full medical records,  test results, and additional  personal  statements about their condition. In some cases, even thoroughly documented cases are denied. Yet, many denied cases go on to be approved through  the appeals  process. During the appeals process you and, if you choose, your Social Security disability lawyer can make your case before a judge. If you’re facing difficulty filing for Social Security disability, Richard Schwartz  & Associates, P.A. may be able to help.