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This well-established city is known for Winterville Mounds and Washington County Visitors Bureau. One reason we choose to practice here is because it’s a wonderful city. With over 33,000 people, it is the 9th largest city from our amazing state. If you have been harmed in Greenville MS or anywhere else, call us at (662) 378-9004.

Greenville Personal Injury Lawyer Richard Schwartz Wants to Help You!

We believe in having good communication when dealing with our client’s claims, and our accomplished attorney team will negotiate and do everything in their power to get you the money that you need and deserve. A Greenville Personal Injury Lawyer understands that a personal injury claim can be stressful and confusing, so they will work with you to help you understand your case and the best legal decisions you can make.

A lawyer will look at your case carefully to make sure you understand all of your options and that everything gets done as quickly as possible. We know you can choose any accident attorney out there, but our team members are more than qualified to handle a variety of personal injuries from dog bites to wrongful death.  Our service cannot be replaced by another other accident lawyer Greenville. Read up on a few case types below, but keep in mind that an attorney covers so much more than this. The only real way to know how we can assist you is by calling an attorney (662) 378-9004 to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer.

An Attorney Can Handle Your Personal Injury

Bitten By A Pet?

The one bite rule means that a dog’s owner can be held liable. Especially if they knew their dog has bitten someone else before. The bite therefore violates a leash law. Some breeds of dogs are more likely to bite and a personal injury lawyer knows information like this. An attorney is able to gather what is needed in your case so that you can get medical compensation.

Harm from Medical Malpractice?

Everyone makes mistakes, but when that person is your doctor, there might be a huge amount of harm to deal with.  If you have been injured due to a misdiagnosis, a surgery mistake, incorrect dosage of medication or anesthesia or saw inadequate monitoring of your health then you may be able to file a personal injury claim. A lawyer will get you the information needed and help you make informed decisions that will resolve your personal injury claim.


Greenville Vehicle Wreck Injuries?

Whether you’re driving down Broadway Street, Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, being involved in an accident is probably not on your daily task list. No matter if you are a student who is already stressed with classes and school or an adult who is trying to balance work and time at home, our  lawyers can relieve you from the task of communicating with your insurance company, filing your personal injury claim and help you get back to your daily routine.


Greenville Product Liability?

Toy recalls and recalls on other products may seem common, but what if you have suffered harm due to this defective product? Our lawyer team can dig deep to determine if a defective product was due to someone’s negligence. Sometimes products are designed in an unsafe way, are incorrectly manufactured or sold and distributed without proper warning labels. No matter which of these may apply to you, let our qualified lawyers handle your personal injuries.

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