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Federal Jury Awards $80M to Man Who Sued Monsanto for Cancer-Causing Roundup

Breaking news for plaintiffs and claimants who have filed suits against Monsanto for their cancer-causing weedkiller, Roundup: A federal jury in San Francisco, California has awarded an $80 million verdict to Edwin Hardeman in his suit against Monsanto. He was awarded $5.27 million in compensatory damages and another $75 million for punitive damages.

According to Hardeman’s case, he used Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller regularly throughout most of his life, following the product instructions for acceptable use. After being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer — non-Hodgkin lymphoma — Hardeman and his doctors wondered if there was an external cause. Other lawsuits and medical studies already suspected the glyphosate in Roundup could be carcinogenic.

Hardeman’s case was the first to be tried in federal court, and its success is encouraging to other plaintiffs. Approximately 11,000 other plaintiffs throughout the country have complaints against Monsanto for their carcinogenic products, which were advertised as safe for regular use. In the first phase of the federal trial, the jury acknowledged that Roundup contributed to Hardeman’s cancer growth. In the second phase, the jury established that Roundup’s packaging did not warn consumers about the potentially life-threatening risks of product use. The manufacturer has not yet admitted that the product could be dangerous as long as it was used according to package instructions.

A year ago, a California groundskeeper was awarded $289 million in punitive damages in his Roundup cancer claim against Monsanto, but the corporation is appealing the award. It is believed that Hardeman’s $80 million verdict will be appealed as well, which will delay when he will see the total amount of his deserved compensation. Still, the case and trial can be used as a guide for attorneys handling similar claims from future plaintiffs.

(You can learn more about the Hardeman’s verdict victory over Monsanto by clicking here and viewing a full article from CNN.)

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