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Do Car Accidents Increase During the Summer?

Jun 21, 2019
By: Richard Schwartz & Associates

The period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day often sees a significant increase in the number of collisions and car accidents that occur. Much of this problem can be contributed to the greater number of teen and high-school aged drivers that can be found on the road throughout the season.

As a demographic, teen drivers are far more likely to speed, text or drive while under the influence than other age groups. Contacting a personal injury attorney following a collision or other accident ensures that accident victims will be better equipped to protect themselves and their interests.

Unsafe Driving Speeds

A recent study indicates that nearly half of all teen drivers reported driving over the speed limit in residential areas and a significant number claimed to have driven over the posted limit of freeways. Speeding is often a major risk factor one that may drastically increase the likelihood or severity of an accident. Teen drivers who may be out on the roads during the long summer vacation are statistically more likely to speed than many older drivers.

Alcohol and Other Intoxicants

Driving under the influence of alcohol can impair judgment, lead drivers to take unnecessary risks, and impair motor control. Despite the risks associated with drugs and alcohol, there are many teen drivers who choose to drive while under the influence.

By one study’s estimate, nearly one out of every six teens that had been involved in a fatal collision during the summer months were later discovered to have been driving while intoxicated. The presence of so many high-school and even college-aged drivers on the road each summer is a contributing factor for many accidents that may stem from the use of drugs and alcohol.

Distracted Driving

According to a AAA study, distracted driving was determined to be the root cause of almost ten percent of all fatal accidents. With half of teen drivers reporting to have read or sent texts and email from behind the wheel, the number of accidents associated with distracted driving typically sees a sharp increase during the summer. Teen drivers often lack the judgment or experience needed in order to avoid potential distractions while out on the road.

What to Do Following an Accident

Even the safest drivers can’t stop other drivers from acting negligently. If you have been involved in a car accident, make sure to seek out the services, guidance, and representation of a personal injury attorney.

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