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Will a Car Accident Increase My Rates if it Wasn’t My Fault?

Nov 18, 2022
By: Richard Schwartz & Associates

Regardless of fault, any person involved in an auto accident should immediately contact their car insurance company to report the incident. Even a minor accident can result in damages or injuries. Your insurance company will reject any claims from the accident if you do not notify them of the event.

Unfortunately, many drivers are apprehensive about calling their auto insurance company because they are under the impression that contacting the insurance company about anything regarding a car crash will increase their monthly car insurance rates. However, you should always report your accident to your insurance company. If you are in a similar situation, remember that filing a claim with your auto insurance company doesn’t automatically mean your insurance rates will increase.

Can Insurance Companies Raise Your Rates After a Claim?

There are several factors your insurance company looks at to determine future insurance rates after an accident. Schedule a free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers, who will look at all the evidence in your accident case to help determine who is at fault. Your car accident attorney will thoroughly review your auto insurance policy and hold the insurance company accountable for what they owe you.

What Do Insurance Companies Look at When Determining Premiums?

Insurance companies usually consider the following factors when determining insurance premiums:

  • Your driving record
  • Your claims history
  • Where you live
  • Type of car you drive
  • Annual miles you drive
  • Your demographics—gender, age, marital status
  • Your coverage limits
  • Your deductibles
  • Your eligibility for discounts

Determining Fault in Car Accidents

The first factor determining if your insurance rates go up is whether you held any fault in the car accident. Mississippi follows shared fault insurance laws, meaning that multiple drivers may be found a certain percentage at fault in an accident.

Every car accident is unique. In some cases, determining the at-fault driver is relatively simple, and both parties (the insurance provider and the injured individual) agree on which party acted negligently. However, in other accident cases, there may be some dispute regarding which driver or drivers share what amount of fault.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company may try to say you are at fault for a more significant percentage of the accident. Unfortunately, this could cause your financial recovery to be much lower than what you need to pay for medical bills and lost wages. Consult with a personal injury lawyer to find out what you are entitled to.

How Does Fault Impact Insurance Rates?

Typically, if you are found not responsible for an auto accident, you will not see your car insurance rates increase, and your driving record won’t change. If you are partially responsible for the accident, however, the insurance company may see you as a more significant risk to insure and increase your auto insurance premiums.

Therefore, it’s essential to consult with an experienced car accident attorney who will fight to show that you were not negligent and should not be held liable for damages.

How Hiring an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Will Help

Not only will a personal injury attorney deal with the insurance company for you, but they will also investigate your accident. It will be the job of your personal injury attorney to look at the evidence surrounding your case to show that the other party, not you, is at fault. Some critical pieces of evidence that your attorney will collect and present to the insurance company may include:

  • Police report
  • Witness statements
  • Photos of the accident
  • Dashcam footage
  • Medical records
  • Expert testimonies

Get Experienced Legal Representation Today

If you or a loved one has injuries from a car accident, turn to the legal advocates at Richard Schwartz & Associates Injury Lawyers to stand in your corner. Determining fault in an accident can be tricky, especially when the insurance company may be trying to say you were a percentage at fault for the accident. Our lawyers have over 40 years of experience working on complicated car accident cases. Insurance companies know we won’t back down until our clients get the compensation they deserve.

You shouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket when you suffer injuries due to another reckless or negligent driver. Instead, call Ricard Schwartz & Associates Injury Lawyers, P.A., and our personal injury attorneys will review every detail of your case to prove fault and fight hard for your full financial recovery.

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