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Why Do Motorcyclists Wear Leather?

Jun 11, 2019
By: Richard Schwartz & Associates

Motorcycle enthusiasts are often associated with their personal attire when riding. Most often the association is made with leather clothing. Along with other stereotypes about motorcyclists as thrill seekers using a relatively dangerous mode of transportation for sport, the real truth is that motorcycles offer transportation that can allow riders to navigate through traffic with more ease while actually being considerably more economical to operate.

Motorcycle Awareness

The true problem with motorcycles as a mode of transportation is that many standard auto operators are not always aware when a motorcyclist is in their proximity, and serious accidents are commonly the result. Statistics show that motorcyclists are injured or die in accidents at a far greater rate than typical vehicle passengers, and the physical safety provided by a car does not exist on a bike of any type.

When riders are involved in accidents, it is vital to have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney representing the case who knows what to expect in terms of defense from the opposing driver legal team.

Leather as a Safety Feature

Leather clothing is intended as bodily protection for when a rider is involved in an accident. Motorcycle operators are well aware of their vulnerability, and wearing leather is a primary safety tool in preventing road rash when accidents happen. Not only do the jackets protect the central body, but gloves can protect hands just as chaps protect the legs, just as leather boots can protect shins and feet from injury.

Road rash is not the only concern. Exhaust pipes and engines get very heated while in transit, and having appropriate safety clothing can help protect from burns regardless of how the injuries can occur.

Comparative Negligence

While leather clothing is not a requirement in Mississippi, such as a helmet, the fact that an injured rider was not wearing leather clothing may be used by a defending party in order to show some form of negligence. This, however, does not influence liability when a negligent driver hits a motorcyclist.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Never attempt handling your own accident claim in Mississippi. Always contact an experienced personal injury attorney who understands what to expect from the defendant. If you are injured in Mississippi and need seasoned legal representation, do not hesitate to contact Richard Schwartz & Associates Injury Lawyer for help protecting your rights to just compensation.

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