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How Brain Injuries Impact a Family

Apr 5, 2019
By: Richard Schwartz & Associates

While a brain injury is indeed very traumatic for the victim, they are not the only one that is affected. A traumatic brain injury can have a ripple effect and affect the entire family of the injured person. This is because someone who has a brain injury will most likely require supervision and care.

In severe cases, long-term care may be necessary, and the family members who assume the role of the caregivers may have to give up their interests, jobs, and lifestyle to take care of their injured loved one. On the flip side, family members may have to obtain multiple jobs in order to pay for long-term medical care. Always seek out an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you seek fair compensation.

In the Hospital

Perhaps the most devastating portion of adjusting to brain injuries is when the condition is first made known to the people affected. As anyone can imagine, this can be difficult news for a family member to hear. Of course, the immediate concern is not who is going to take care of them, but if they will survive.

Many people do not understand the full extent of neurological diagnoses because of how multi-faceted the process is. Doctors and nurses may be able to understand the full extent of the injuries, but it can be difficult to accept entirely.

In the Home

Upon returning home, the transition period truly begins. The immediate family usually plays a central role in the recovery process. Many challenges, some of which may require guidance by a personal injury attorney, ranging from financial difficulties to the fatigue of constantly watching over the affected individual.

Perhaps to an even greater extent, the caregiver may have to change their entire lifestyle to care for their loved one, which can affect other relationships. Family dynamics start to change and internal conflict may begin to rise as a result.

Daily Routines

With all this change, daily routines are bound to be subject to change as well. While one should look after their personal needs, the caregiver and the rest of the family may not have time to do what they did previously. Whether this is going out for a festive occasion or engaging in activities for their general well-being, even the strongest of families will eventually realize that there are great challenges with what they can and cannot do as they adjust through this period.

The financial and emotional burden on a family after a loved one suffers a brain injury can be great. While no amount of money will fix the situation in its entirety, obtaining fair compensation against those responsible is well without your right.

When an unfortunate situation like this arises, a personal injury attorney can help guide you and ease the burdens on your family. If you are in need of a firm that can help you through these difficult times, visit the distinguished team at Richard Schwarts & Associates. Our firm can provide you with compassionate legal representation so that you and your family can focus on healing.

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