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How to Recover from a Catastrophic Injury

May 14, 2020
By: Richard Schwartz & Associates

A catastrophic injury can change a victim’s life in an instant. Catastrophic injuries are those with consequences so severe that they prevent a victim from returning to their pre-injury way of life or earning a gainful income.

Since catastrophic injuries affect victims permanently, it’s rare to recover from one completely. There are, however, a variety of treatment options to make life easier for catastrophic injury victims after their accident.

Treatment Options for a Catastrophic Injury

Healthcare professionals will prescribe several different treatment options for catastrophic injury victims depending on the nature and severity of their accident and injury.

The three main treatment options include the following:


Catastrophic injury victims who have suffered specific types of injuries, such as burn injuries or injuries requiring amputation, may undergo one or more surgical procedures to help return their bodies to a state similar to their pre-injury life.

Burn injury victims, for example, may undergo several reconstructive surgeries to help adjust their appearance or remove dead skin cells or nerves to ease their pain. Victims who have undergone amputations may be fitted with a prosthetic device to improve their coordination and mobility.

While there is no surgery to completely heal a catastrophic injury victim, these procedures can help these individuals regain some of what they had lost in their accident.


Medications may help certain individuals deal with the new symptoms they’re experiencing since their accident and injury. Traumatic brain injury victims, for example, may benefit from anti-seizure medication in the wake of the accident, while spinal cord injury victims may benefit from anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

Physical Therapy

Many catastrophic injury victims will benefit from consistent physical therapy sessions. Catastrophic accidents and injuries often impact a victim’s coordination and movement, whether due to an injury to the head, back, or limbs.

Access to regular, high-quality physical therapy sessions can greatly improve a catastrophic injury victim’s outlook and prognosis.

Suffered a Catastrophic Injury? We’re Here to Help

There is no doubt that a catastrophic injury is life-changing, and while the aforementioned treatments can work wonders for some individuals, it’s very rare for patients to return to a pre-injury way of life.

If you or someone you love has suffered a catastrophic injury due to another’s negligence, we’re here to help. We make it our mission to help injured victims recover the compensation they deserve from any and all liable parties, and we’re here to help you, too.

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